Insured deposits

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) logo at your community bank is further assurance that your deposits are secure and insured, backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

No membership requirements

You donʼt have to belong to any special group or work for a particular employer to bank at a community bank. All you have to do is be ready for a better way to bank!

Civic loyalty

Community bankers and their employees are deeply involved in making their local communities better places in which to live. Not only do community banks reinvest locally by making loans to local families, farms and businesses, but they invest vast amounts of time and resources to community organizations and activities.

Loans, not fees

Community banks are much more likely than big banks to rely on traditional sources of income such as interest from loans––not on fees associated with transactions and services. In general, community banks have fewer and lower fees and pay higher interest rates on their customersʼ deposits.


Community banks offer fast decision-making on loans because decisions are made locally. And decision-makers are often accessible to their customers in person.

Support for small business

Because community banks are themselves small businesses, they understand the needs of small business owners. In fact, community banks make almost half of all small business loans in cities and towns throughout America.

Common sense lending

“When it comes to community banks, the vast majority continue to be some of the safest, soundest and most secure financial institutions in our nation. Community banks follow responsible business practices and work every day to support their customers, communities and local markets.”
-James MacPhee, Chairman and CEO, Kalamazoo County State Bank and ICBA Chairman

“Relationship Banking”

At community banks, success comes from long-term relationships with customers, not high volume “transactional banking.” Thatʼs why community banks look out for their customersʼ best interests, and work hard to deliver exceptional customer service and exceptional value.


Unlike many multi-state and mega banks, community banks focus on the needs of local families, businesses and farmers. Most community bank deposits come from local people like you–not foreign investors. And most of their loans are made to help local borrowers through home loans, business loans and more.